I’m Alona Varshal, a chemist by training. I started coding with Python in 2016, after learning about data science. I thought that it’s an interesting field, having previously worked on pattern recognition using chemical sensor arrays where I used statistical tools like principal component analysis and linear discriminant analysis (a.k.a. machine learning). As a chemist, I previously worked on projects that involve dendrimers, enzyme inhibitors, enzyme immobilization and even delignification. While learning Python, I found out about Flask and learned that I actually enjoy building.

Eventually, I decided to learn JavaScript, which led me to go to a coding bootcamp (Fullstack Academy). Some of the technologies I now dabble with, in addition to those I mentioned above, are Node.js, Express, PostGreSQL, React, and Redux. I hope to get a job that uses my skills as a chemist and as a software developer.

I have also been really into Jekyll; hence, my choice of technology in building this personal site. Special thanks to the creator of this theme, Lore Pirri. The repo for this theme is here.

I currently live in the Austin, TX area with my husband, Tom, and our dog, Pogi (site created by my hubby). We like to visit Colorado to camp and hike. I am obsessed with succulents!

My resume can be found here.

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