Cryptojacking is fastly becoming a scourge of the internet with the rise in popularity of cryptocurrency. It is the act of using someone else’s computing power and electricity to mine the web for cryptocurrency. This is made possible by embedding a script in a website so that the browser of any visitor of the infected website gets loaded with another script that does the cryptocurrency mining.

The reason for my writing about this topic is that I think I might have been “infected” by the malicious script. I had seen some signs of this a few days before Christmas. My computer was being unresponsive at one time though it was a new computer. Another thing was that my website’s behavior showed that users were accessing a page that pointed to a page called “”. I’m still unsure what this one does, if it is related to cryptojacking or not. In any case, I am a little annoyed by this.

A step I’ve taken is installing a plugin to my Chrome browser called ‘NoCoin’. I also took down my website, but as I’m putting it back again, I’m not sure if this is going do anything. I observed that the repo for this site is being cloned a few hours after I put it back from scratch. I wonder if this is normal and I’m the one doing this.