So I have been using this blog for while and have changed the theme three times. However, I think this is a good starting page to apply what I will learn in the future about web development, so I will stay with this theme for a while. Here are a few things that I think need attention:

  • The landing page or home page is bare. Not sure what I want to put in there.

  • The alignment of my “Alona Varshal” link on the top of the page is not aligned.

  • The blog page does not have a limit of the number of posts it displays. I might want an archive page for my posts.

  • There is no link within the blog post to go to the blog page.

  • Need to add more material (chemistry posts or page)

  • The url for each post is weird. They are first organized by categories. Is there a better way to organize this?

  • Might need a RSS feed subscribe