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At last, after tinkering with d3.js for the longest time, I was able to create a visualization that involves maps. As I was practicing on the Kaggle Nobel Laureates dataset, I thought about using the data on the distribution of Nobel laureates in the world. This dataset, however, I found out at the last minute, does not include Literature Nobel laureates. It didn’t inlude the country of affiliation for Literature winners. But the point is that I was able to at least modify Scott Murray’s d3.js code to create this map.

I should mention that the d3.js version is 3 and not the latest. Also, it can be hard to see the points with the lowest number of Nobel laureates. I probably have to change this.

Update, March 23:

I edited the radius of the circles on the map using d3.scale.sqrt() so the smaller number of nobel laurates won’t be too small. The code for this viz can be found on my GitHub repo.