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This is my first post using the Cayman Blog Theme by Lore Pirri and I am loving it so far! Before this, I was using beautiful-jekyll, which I also like, and before that, it was the default jekyll theme, minima, which I think is also a great theme if you are learning how Jekyll works for the first time.

To set up this theme, I first created my jekyll blog folder using the jekyll new (site folder) command. After this, I went into the new folder and followed the instructions under “Gem Install” here. After changing the _config.yml file and pushing everything into GitHub, my site is up and running. However, to make the Disqus comments work, I had to create the disqus_comments.html under the _includes folder. At this point, I don’t know how to create this, so I resorted to merely copying the same type of file from the minima theme, and it works! Also, I had to fix some broken links for the contact icons located in the footer of every page.

But there is now a really good YouTube tutorial on how to use Jekyll to make websites. Giraffe Academy’s Jekyll tutorial discusses how to install Jekyll in your computer and how to use it. It includes 19 videos on the topic. I wish this tutorial was already made when I started using Jekyll! But I still learned a lot from going through the videos. There were a lot that I didn’t learn by just learning on my own. I actually referred to the videos when I was setting up this new theme! So I recommend checking out Giraffe Academy on YouTube. It also has other topics aside from Jekyll.