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Adapting Gatsby

August 17, 2018

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Been tinkering with Gatsby for a week now. Gatsby is a static site generator built using React. If you have a background in React like me, you won’t be able to resist the chance to use it. I had been using Jekyll which is currently the most popular static site generator as of this writing. And even if I’ve spent half my life working on it, I decided to convert to Gatsby.

To get started on Gatsby, I first went to the official tutorial. I think it’s really clear and a lot better than Jekyll’s (sorry—but that’s probably because I already know React and Node). It basically goes through how you can get started creating a blog from the default starter.

I then attempted to do my own blog using the default starter and was able to deploy it without any problems. Eventually, I decided to adapt v2 because, you know, it’s the current version of React. However, I encountered problems loading images, so I just went ahead and used a more stable starter that has a functioning image loading and Markdown functionality. Since at this point, I just want to get my site up and running, I decided to use the Gatsby v2 starter-blog (demo). As of this time, v2 is still in beta.

All in all, I learned how Gatsby works and made me confident in using the blog-starter. So now I have this site that I can stick to for a while. Simple and not too complicated.