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Colorado 2018 with Pogi

September 13, 2018

Lake Irwin

Almost every year, my family and I make it a point to take a vacation in Colorado, my husband’s favorite state (and now mine, too). We drove once to Durango to ski/snowboard and another time to Estes Park in the summer. We’ve flown a lot more for summers to camp in Estes Park. This year, we were lucky enough to be able to do it again, and this time, we planned it with our dog, Pogi. (He is in the picture in my 404 page.) That meant we had to drive and explore the lower parts of Colorado. We planned to go to Crested Butte and Telluride.

We started really early and planned to spend about a week and a half. We reached our first stop, Walsenburg, CO about 13 hours later, and learned that travelling with a dog for a long drive isn’t much fun, since our dog got restless and panted most of the time. We felt so bad for him. However, we made the most ouf of it. The next day, we reached Crested Butte, and decided to stay for a day instead of turning back home and cancelling the whole trip, so that Pogi can recover for a bit. We took him hiking around the lake where we stayed at (Lake Irwin) and saw that he enjoyed it, especially swimming in the lake. He’s a lab and loves to swim!


By evening, Pogi was tired, so we didn’t have problems with him growling in the night at critters outside the tent, which happened when we first camped with Pogi near where we live. However, we dreaded the next day’s drive. Fortunately, during the day, we met some dog-friendly campers and told us about some ways to make a dog’s car ride better. One of them even gave us some “pills” (CBD-oil containing treats). As a dog owner, I wasn’t aware of some ways to treat dog anxiety. Usually, we never expose him to anything that makes him anxious. We stopped going to fireworks displays in our hometown, and Pogi never really gets anxious too much during thunderstorms. During this trip, I became more aware of the many supplements that people give to dogs to calm them. As a chemist, I am kind of averse to doing such a thing. I mean, I try to avoid taking meds for myself when I’m having a headache, so giving my dog drugs isn’t really what I want to do. Eventually, the next day we went to a vet in town, and got some meds for Pogi to calm down during the trip. Pogi is highly receptive, and giving him melatonin, which we actually did when we started driving, wasn’t effective. For our trip back home, he got a stronger drug, which I hate mentioning the name here.

Anyways, I was glad he was mostly sleeping on our way home, though we was still distressed, but not panting anymore. Also we had some pictures of our one-day stay at Crested Butte. Here is the camp we stayed at.


The view outside our tent:


The place was very nice. Though in the past, we went to Estes Park, which is so gorgeous. Lake Irwin didn’t disappoint.