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Getting Back to Crochet and Knitting: The Lattice Hat

October 02, 2020

For years, I have been pretending I have a lot of hobbies: succulent plant collection, swimming, reading, camping, hiking, crocheting, and knitting. That’s because even though I really like these hobbies, I don’t really do them that often. Maybe it will strike once in a year, and then I will forget about it for a while until it’s been a year or so since I’ve picked it up. The result—countless unfinished projects and unread books—litter my closet and home office.

This week, I was able to pick up crocheting again, after finally not ignoring the containers of yarn I have in my home office. They were actually from my mother-in-law (God rest her soul) who was into crochet and knitting. After cleaning up my in-laws’ old house for it to be sold, we took a lot of these materials from their house. I “stole” the yarns (my sister-in-law should have also gotten them, but I beat her to it). Anyways, they were in my office, and I finally got to go over them, inspiring me to see if I can finish some of my projects.

But it has been a while since I’ve done them and I have forgotten how to continue. Instead, I went online, found a project that I can really finish and use the end product.

In comes the lattice hat which I found on This was actually a hat that I bought from a charity drive in my old job. It was made by one of my co-workers. She actually gave me the link to the pattern, but have forgotten all about it. About five or six years later, I found it online and decided to give it a go.

I used a yarn that I bought a year ago, when I got into crafting that year. I was making a scarf, but I found that the yarn I bought was too bulky. I remember the saleslady who I bought it from at a yarn store that that yarn (Baa Baa Bulky Ewe Ewe Yarn) is great for making hats since it’s bulky. I bought 4 skeins and thought it would be great for making a scarf I saw online. The yarn for that project was not available anymore so I looked for a yarn that I can use in place of it. I ended up using the 4 skeins of the expensive yarn I bought, but they weren’t enough. I ended up not finishing the scarf. I’m so ignorant.

So I ripped this old project apart, and used it to make the lattice hat. It took only four days (that’s actually really slow). But this is my real first project. I finished it and I can wear it. I followed the instructions as is, and used a single color of yarn. I used up about one and a half skeins of the yarn. Here I used my husband’s head to show it.

lattice hat