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Quitting Facebook

October 07, 2018

Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash unsplash-logoGlen Carrie

It has been a roughly a week since I deleted my Facebook account. (So I still have a week to go before it is permanently gone.) Previously, I have deactivated it for about a month, and didn’t really miss it that much. I returned to talk to a group that I communicated via Facebook Messenger. Now that I don’t need to communicate with the group since the group decided to not continue my service with them, I decided to rid myself of an extra burden (keeping up with making my profile decent and, gosh, making an effort to impress other people). I guess I am getting really old.

A major reason for my decision, however, aside from that I get too sucked up by it that I forget time ticks so fast, is the Facebook security breaches that have happened recently. Prior to that, I have cleaned up my account of very personal info, and have not really used it to pay stuff, so I don’t have credit card and other sensitive information in there anyways.

I also kind of regret posting something, no matter what it is, I’ve found lately. I don’t know why, but I found myself questioning my motives all the time for posting, and for commenting on posts, too.

Sometimes, I spend sometime mulling over what happened in my life. And that includes what happens in what I do on Facebook, too. I find that I waste too much time on this.

A few minutes before I started writing this post, I found this article on how to quit Facebook for good, which actually just gives some of the reasons why people who have quit it did so.

Having decided to quit Facebook, I can still be found on social media via Twitter and Instagram. I also keep an Instagram account dedicated solely to my dog here. But I don’t spend too much time on these as much as I would on Facebook.