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Setting Up My Development Environment on My Ubuntu-Macbook Pro

August 11, 2019

Working for IBM, I inevitably needed to learn Linux. My previous post talked about installing Ubuntu on my personal computer, which just happens to be a mid-2015 Macbook Pro that I bought in 2017. Now that I’ve done that, I went to set up my development environment.

Git installation

After installing Ubuntu on my Macbook Pro, I continued by installing git. I referred to a Digital Ocean reference. It’s relatively painless, but I’ll see what problems lie in the future. To test if git is working, I cloned the repo for my blog and started to write this post using vi. So how do you like me now? It just took forever for me to write this single paragraph but I did it!

Before writing this line, I performed a commit and push to a branch (I created a brach before I started writing). While doing a git push, however, I had to authenticate but instead of using my usual github password, I used my personal access token which I’ve created before (I did that by referring here a while back). Wondering if I have to keep doing that each time.

And I needed to! Oh well. We’ll see how to resolve that later.

A few minutes after googling, I proceeded to create a SSH key using the instructions by Github.

Apparently, I need to test my ssh connection before it works. Following the instructions here, I still found that I can’t push commits without being asked for a password. So, I resorted to googling again. Apparently, I needed to switch remote URLs from HTTPs to SSH. After doing this, I can now push commits without being having to log in.kk


First, I installed Node using the instructions from [Linuxize]((, “Installing Node.js and npm using NVM”, so that I have npm version 6.10.2 and node v12.8.0. I also proceeded to install development tools from the same website.


I like Docker, so I installed the CE version. The instruction that worked for me was that by Digital Ocean linked here.


I know everything works after doing docker --version and running docker run hello-world.

Trying out React

To test whether my Node installation works, I tried Create React App and it worked using the npm command.


Since I use Gatsby to create this blog, I decided to install gatsby-cli. Docs for installing Gatsby in the official site is still under development as of this time. But I installation using npm install -g gatsby-cli worked.